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8 Color Full Rotary Letterpress (460mm)

Standard Accessories

Tension control roll out system- 1 Set

Tension control roll in system- 1 Set

Servo transmission system-1 Set

Auxiliary tension systems-1 Set

Waste roll out system-1 Set

Splicing platform- 1 Set

Web guild system- 1 Set

1000mm beeline center big wheel system-1 Set

340mm printing bottom wheel-2 Sets

Printing unit with ink cleaning motors- 8 Sets

Back round knives paper trimming system- 1 Set

Meters & sheets counting with HMI  system-1 Set

UV dryer system- 8 Sets

Printing station straight line contraposition and pressure gauge- 9 Sets

Flexo Varnishing System- 1 Set

Rotary die cutting system-1Set

Back side printing system-1 Set

OPP laminating system- 1 Set 

Corona treater system- 1 Set

Printing cylinder- 5 Sets

MPG micro-tensioning system-1 Set

Electrostatic Eliminator- 1 Set

Tension unwinding and pull back system-1 Set


Boost operation by 450mm printing area and Dual Rewinder system;



Ease Print Cylinder Change System; 


Satellite Structure for better over print in chromaticity;

8 Colors Standard Sets with Varnishing, Cutting, Corona Treater and Web Guild systems;

Alarm System for operation safety management;

Material tension controller and web guide systems during operation;

Ink Change/Clean process support by on-line by power-off, lower maintenance cost ;

Easy printing length management by gear and cylinder adjustment;

Synchronous rotary die cutter with printing devices operation.


Suitable material:

Regular Adhesive paper, Laminate material,Bopp film Shrinkable film ,styrofoam and Petrochemical (PVC, PC, PET, PP, PE)… etc.


Application industry:

Cosmetic labels, Food labels, Medicine labels, Electronic labels, Battery labels, In-mold labels, Laminating tube, admission ticket, Boarding pass printing.Automotive,General consumer, Health & Beauty,Wine & spirits


Suitable die-cutting:

 Magnetic cylinder, Flexible plate, Rotary die cut, Rotary hard dies.


Standard plate making reference:

Photopolymer Plate;                                        

Plate Hardness: 45~55°; 

Plate Thickness: 0.95mm; 

Depth: 0.96mm(reference)

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