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10 Color Full Rotary Letterpress

Standard Accessories

Printing Station- 10 Sets

UV Dryer- 11 Sets

Printing Cylinder- 5 Sets

Paper Slitting System- 1 Set

Web Guild Controller- 2 Set

Splicing Platform- 1 Set

Flexo Varnishing System- 1 Set

Corona Theater- 1 Set

Side Printing System- 1 Set

Rotary Die-cut- 1 Set

Electrostatic Eliminator- 1 Set

OPP Laminating System- 1 Set 


Satellite Structure with “340mm*3 wheels” for better over print in chromaticity;

6th Platform design for Cold-stamping  and combine other platform design-in for Cold Stamping, Flex and Roll Silk-screen device added.

Standard Sets with Varnishing, Cutting, Corona Theater and Web Guild systems for Multi-operation process switch

One time finish for Pre/post cold stamping and Transferred Film

Alarm System for operation safety management;

Material tension controller and web guild controller during operation;

Ink Change/Clean process support by on-line by Power-off, Lower Maintenance Cost;

Easy Printing Length Management by Gear and Cylinder adjustment;

Synchronous Rotary Die cuter with Printing Devices Operation.


Plate Making Reference:

Photopolymer Plate; Plate Hardness: 45~55°; Plate Thickness: 0.95mm; Depth: 0.96mm


Suitable Material:

Regular Adhesive Label, Laminate Film, Shrinkable Film and Petrochemical (PCV, PC, PET, PP, PE)… etc.





General Consumer

Health & Beauty

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